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image of tarot card. The Fool.

Le Tarot des Femmes Erotiques was created by the witches at BeautyHistoryMagic.com. We don't know a lot about vintage erotica, but we like it when we see it.
Why do we like it? We like the innocent expressions, we like the natural breasts, full bushes. We like the vintage lingerie, the antique furniture, the classical allusions. Why do you like it? Let us know on our blog at beautyhistorymagic.com

We call it "vintage erotica" (or vintageerotica) but there are lots of other names for it as well. If you're looking for the kind of images used in this deck, you'll try vintage nudes, antique erotica, vintage sex pics, antique sex,  vintage porn,  or vintage sex.

If you're also interested in mid- to late-twentieth century images, you'll want to search for classic porn, (or classic pron), classicporn, classicporno, old boobs, oldporn (old pron),  oldporno, oldsex, retroboobs, retroporn, retroporno, and retrosex.
We learned a lot about vintage erotica from the wikipedia entry on "erotica" As usual, there is a wealth of information there, and a wonderful little gallery of vintage erotic art.

Where did these images come from?
The images of our tarot card deck were carefully curated from vintage erotica collections that are available from online stores and eBay.

There are several vintage erotica websites.  Here are some of our favorites.

Delta of Venus
Delta of Venus is a  classy site that offers a beautiful slide show of images similar to those used in Le Tarot des Femmes Erotiques. Some of the collections are less "classical nude" and more explicit and explore fantasy and bondage play. DoV also offers erotic photos and films from the entire 20th Century and posts update frequently. We like to keep up with their blog too.


You can also find vintage erotica on flickr.com.

On Martha's Girls, you will find lovely emulations of vintage erotica.

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